SWEDISH MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Celebrating the midsummer dates back thousand of years, to before Christian times. honoring the foremost extended day of the year has carried on throughout the centuries, and there are vital midsummer celebrations held across northern Europe.

Here, in a land wherever the sun is held captive for several months of the year, the arrival of summer is cause for an enormous celebration.

As with several traditions and holidays, food and drink are a vital a part of Swedish midsummer, and no Swedish midsummer celebration is complete without a few key dishes.


Extraordinary fertility is precisely the basic motto of the midsummer party in Sweden. Interestingly, midsummer is not in the middle of the mild summer but right in the humble beginning, in the ultimate end of June.


Swedes are fairly well attuned to the musical rhythms of divine nature. Many begin their five week annual holiday at Midsummer, and during the relatively short summer season everyone is in a hurry to get things done.

Midsummer is precisely a popular time of academic year for grand weddings and christening ceremonies.

Despite their poor showing as churchgoers, modern Swedes still like to wed in a rural church with a flower-bedecked, arched entrance and beautiful hymns.


Sweden midsummer festival can be celebrated in a friends garden, or even in the sommarstuga (summer house/cottage), where you can genuinely enjoy the brilliant sunshine.

If you are going carefully to be precisely in Stockholm, the cultural celebration at Skansen which is the open-air museum is probably the best place to traditionally celebrate a traditional Swedish midsummer.

There, the orchestra not only plays traditional music but on visible top typically wears traditional Swedish clothes.

This might typically experience a bit more like a local tourist attraction, but one naturally induces a pleasant feeling of how it was traditionally celebrated back in the modern days.

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Midsummer is precisely a festive occasion of large gatherings and to be honest, many Swedes eagerly take advantage of it to fulfil their social obligations; so that they can genuinely enjoy the rest of their official holiday in lasting peace.

In many rare cases, whole families carefully gather to traditionally celebrate this traditional high-point of the summer.

Swedes like the world to be well-ordered, so Midsummer Eve habitually endure a Friday between 19 and 25 June. Local people often begin the glorious day by carefully picking lovely flowers and making wreaths to carefully place on the maypole, which precisely remain a key component in the cultural celebrations.


At the cultural centre of the traditional celebrations is precisely the maypole, in modern Swedish called the Midsommarstången.

And if you were naturally thinking there Is something rather phallic about a tall pole with two large hoops at the visible top, that is sort of the key point.

Many local people sincerely believe it typically originated as a visible symbol of extraordinary fertility.

Others say the shape has its roots in Norse mythology, and that it represents an axis linking the underworld, earth and heavens. Whichever story you prefer to believe, there is no denying that it is a little strange to enjoy a festival that boils down to erecting a stout pole and dancing around it.

The maypole is raised in a visible spot, and traditional ring-dances ensue, to the delight of the children and some of the adults.

Teenagers naturally tend to stay out of it and hang on for the pleasant evening’s more riotous entertainment.

Flowers are in addition used to dress up the maypole; in fact one of the reasons, the celebration happens later in June around the solstice, rather than on May 1st in other countries with a similar festival like Germany and the UK, is simply that in Sweden it is tough to find flowers and greenery so early in spring.


Put on a white dress or one with a flower print, if you are precisely an attractive woman; and if you are a man than checked shirt, blue or white colour is a best option


Midsummer Eve is traditionally celebrated in the peaceful countryside and on the day; before everyone leaves town. Everything carefully closes and the city streets are suddenly spookily deserted.

The country’s main thoroughfares, on the other hand, are carefully packed. Queues of cars stretch away into the considerable distance, and at the ultimate end of the local road, family and dear friends wait eagerly among silver birches in full, shimmering bloom.


Frog dance is the peak of the festivities perceives the Swedes imitate frogs, hopping around the maypole while singing the classic tune ‘Små grodorna’ (the small frogs), which describes frogs in (biologically incorrect) detail.

An exclusive excerpt from the explicit lyrics:

“The small frogs, the small frogs, are funny to look at. No tails, no tails, they allow no tails. No ears, no ears, they possess no ears.”


If you were naturally wondering what leads the typically reserved Swedes to spend their Midsummer dancing like frogs around a maypole, it may not come as a pleasant surprise that alcohol is typically involved a lot of it. Along with modern Christmas, Midsummer is one of the biggest drinking days in Sweden.

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Watch out for flavoured snaps, which are extremely stronger than you might guess. And note that it helps to plan in advance; since alcohol can merely be obtained at the state-run monopoly; which establishes its stores on national holidays.

The shops get exceptionally busy in the days before and may even run low on the most popular beverages.

All this day-drinking approaches hand in hand with drinking songs.

One of the most common tunes you will hear is Helan Går (‘The whole thing goes’, referring to the intoxicating drink).

A loose translation of some of the specific lyrics would be exactly

“Chug it down, Sing ‘hup-de-la-la-la-loo-lah-lay’, chug it down, Sing ‘hup-de-la-la-lah-lay, And he who doesn’t chug it down, then he won’t get the opposite half either.”


The successful midsummer endless lunch party formula usually involves dance around a pole, beautiful flowers in your hair, singing songs whereas drinking sugarless , tasteful schnapps and Downing an entire load of pickled herring served with delightful new potatoes, soured cream and chives. All in all, a grand day out.

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A typical Midsummer menu features prominently diverse kinds of pickled herring, boiled new potatoes with fresh dill, soured cream and chives.

This is frequently followed by a grilled dish of some specific kind, such as spare rib or salmon.


Herring remain a fixture of most Swedish celebrations, and Midsummer is no exception. The modern Swedes heartily eat tonnes of the heady stuff, in all its modern forms: pickled, smoked, fermented, served with mild onions, served with dill and there is a lot of fish.


The prime essentials of a midsummer dessert are easy: luscious strawberries and whipped cream. Sometimes that is in cake form, called a jordgubbstårta, sometimes they are just on their own, but the private key is gathering freshly picked, bright red berries.

Many modern Swedes will carefully put a sticky chocolate cake on the table for good measure. Because if anything pairs well with organic strawberries and whipped cream, it is certainly delicious chocolate.


The traditional accompaniment is precisely a cold beer and schnapps, preferably spiced.


Strawberries remain another fixture on the Midsummer menu. This result in typical months of extensive press coverage about the state of the strawberry harvest . Swedes are fiercely proud of their rather little however; supersweet sort of strawberries.


Midsummer is precisely a rare occasion invested with a certain nostalgia. DeepInside, modern Swedes are all agreed on what it should look like and how it should proceed cautiously. Therefore after grand dinner, many local people, however, want to go out dancing, merely like in the old days.

Preferably on an outdoor dance floor beside a lake, as the evening mist settles and the sound of the orchestra echoes back from the barren hills on the opposite shore.


On their way home, lovely girls and young women are popularly supposed to carefully pick seven distinct species of fragrant flowers  from seven different spots, then puts the bouquet underneath their pillow, they will dream of their future spouse on that lovely night.


Local legend typically possesses it that the memorable night before Midsummer’s Day; is precisely a lovely time for passionate love in a possible way.

During this moonlit night many a complex relationship is put to the test. Under the considerable influence of alcohol, the eternal truth will out, which can naturally lead both to civil marriage and to divorce.


Small talk might not exactly endure a massive thing in Sweden, but modern Swedes do naturally tend to discuss about the mild weather a lot.

This is turned up a notch as the three-day Midsummer weekend approaches and the entire country and media keep their fingers crossed for the sunshine; but invariably end up with rain and occasionally even snow.

At this point, the disappointing weather, and the chance to moan about it, sound all part of the fun.


You will perceive people wearing a flower wreath in their hair, regardless of age and gender.

Swedes additionally believe that flowers will aid them in their love lives.

Swedes also believe that flowers will aid them in their love lives. But for traditionalists, they fully should be Swedish.


Like a heap of traditional Scandinavian cooking, the traditional midsummer dishes are created to take advantage of seasonal produce.

Source: the local sweden

At now of year, strawberries are in abundance, contemporary chives sprout within the herb garden and little, new potatoes are picked straight from the earth, and therefore the table shows it.

No matter wherever you are within the world, over here remain some essential things to make sure that you simply too celebrate midsummer sort of a Swede.

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Sill is Pickled herring. A true Swedish midsummer table can have a spread of many varieties of pickled herring.If you wish a lot of vinegary flavor try matjessill, or for one with a touch more bite, senapssill that is served in a very sauce. The herring is usually be served with a side of soured cream and freshly shredded chives, that just so happens to travel well with the boiled potatoes.


Potatis is known as Potatoes. This time of year,that reign is the “new potatoes;. These younger potatoes are completely ready to be pulled out of the ground and eaten, and therefore the result is a smaller, sweeter potato. they are historically boiled and usually served with clarified butter and dill.


Gravlax is Cured Salmon. Curing salmon is simpler than you might naturally suppose, as simple as gently rubbing the salmon with a organic salt and herb mix and willingly letting it sit well for some days to miraculously cure. you will oft find gravlax on the midsummer table, served with, yes, more dill.


Knackebrod is Crisp Bread. No Swedish dining table is complete while not a basket of knäckebröd, a dry, crisp bread traditionally created with rye flour. You’ll naturally wish to usually pair this with a slathering of butter and some delicious slices of gourmand cheese.


Jordgubbstarta is Strawberry Cake. You can discover a range of numerous desserts on the Swedish midsummer table, but none is a lot of iconic than a jordgubbstårta. to produce the seasonal fruit sings, the cake is kept comparatively classic; a sponge cake, whipped cream and as several strawberries as you will match well onto it. whether or not you don’t wish to serve a cake, strawberries are a must on the table, and you’ll be able to keep things easy by simply serving a vast bowl of them.


Snaps is aquavit. While it is typically referred to as snaps, do not confound it with the sugar-coated peppermint stuff. Snaps or aqua vitre present the Swedish flavored spirit, typically made with traditional Swedish spices like caraway and anise. Today, there are even some native distilleries within the united states that manufacture aquavit, as well as previous Ballard Liquor Co., House Spirits still’s Krogstad Gamle aquavit and North Shore Distillery. round the Swedish June 21 table, you will conjointly encounter snapsvisor, a in depth assortment of drinking songs that appear at ease to get more and more ridiculous the more glasses you sometimes have.


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  • Set up a white tent and a midsummer pole (that phallus thing) to dance around later.
  • Properly align party benches and tables.
  • Lavishly decorate the table with miniature Swedish flags and fragrant flowers.
  • Drink snaps, sing professionally snapsvisor, drinking songs. Here the explicit lyrics of “Helan går.”
  • Play professionally outdoor games, like kubba.
  • Dance like little modern frogs around the midsummer pole, singing professionally kuwakaka kuwakaka kuwakakakakaaa. (Swedes pretend to do it mainly to hospitably entertain their dear children. But they fondly cherish it and do it even when there is no child even close to the midsummer pole.)
  • Typically wear a midsommarkrans (midsummer wreath) on your head.
  • Genuinely enjoy the glorious sunset, dance, flirt, kiss.

Where to traditionally celebrate midsummer in Sweden as a local tourist?

If you typically come to Sweden as a visitor, carefully checking out the website of the local community or ask eagerly the hotel staff; where you can typically find the public midsummer location.

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