Prettiest Flower Photography That Would Make You Happy

Flower photography is always very refreshing. Are you an individual who is passionate about gardening and love flowers but got no time to maintain that hobby? Flower photography always does the trick. It is super refreshing and I personally find it very uplifting and inspiring.

flower photography
Source: Paul Chong Photography

We admit that flower photography or nature photography is very tricky and it is very difficult to get it just right. Lighting, aperture, shutter speed, the elements, photography equipment— there are plenty of factors to consider and skills to master when it comes to floral and nature photography.

Here is some amazing flower
photography that would refresh your mind and allow you to uplift your spirits. Also
if you have been looking for an inspiration, this is the right place.

beauty of flower
Source: Andrea Gulickx

Self-taught creative and
nature photographer Andrea Gulickx
has taken it upon herself to become the voice of nature, using macro
photography and a trademark soft, dreamy focus.

Her magical looking
backgrounds become painted with light and colours in a style that hearkens to
the famous painter Georgia O’Keefe, whom Andrea quotes on her website. Andrea
approaches her work with an open mind, no plans, and a deep passion for nature.
Just look at those colors and look at that beauty.

flower landscape photograph
Source: Chris Herring

Full-time landscape
photographer and workshop leader Chris Herring works almost exclusively in the
Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, East Anglia, and other parts of the British Isles—
however looking at Chris’ portfolio, one would never be able to guess.

Shooting during the golden
hours of sunrise and sunset, Chris’ work beautifully captures the duplicitous
landscape of Britain.

“He especially enjoys painting with light and playing with shadows in his work, using a self-proclaimed style of landscape photography with the goal of shooting “bright, vibrant pictures that inspire.”

If these amazing and soft colors don’t inspire you, I don’t
know what else would. I mean just look at it, doesn’t this picture inspire you
and make you want to go there and do whatever you are best at? For example,
reading for me.

amazing flowers photography
Source: Cristiana Damiano

Cristiana Damiano’s passion
for nature can be attributed to her grandparents, who introduced her to numerous
documentaries and nature appreciation films throughout her youth in Italy.
Cristiana didn’t translate her love for the outdoors to photography until 2010,
travelling far and wide to find beautiful, secluded treasures that oftentimes
go unnoticed by the average person.

She always takes care to put
ethics first before shooting, making sure to leave nothing behind but

trademark style is to showcase what can be found “around the corner” from one’s
home, to inspire respect for the environment and appreciation for the everyday—
what she calls “stolen moments”.

Her reputation is truly well
deserved because this picture really got me like, “WOAH!” I mean this picture
elicited all kinds of emotions from within me. This is moving and this is

beautiful flower phootgraph
Source: Denise Ippolito

I have honestly never seen
something as beautiful as this. This is really powerful. New Jersey-based Denise Ippolito is a true artist who
combined her passion for wildlife and love of nature with photography to
inspire others.

Her artistic designs and
creative filter use transports viewers into the image and inspires creativity
in other photographers. The macro close-ups of roses and flowers are
reminiscent of O’Keefe and saturated with colors. This is gorgeous and this is
super refreshing for the soul, at least it was for mine. I could just stand
back and just admire this piece of art.

wildlife photography
Source: Judith Borremans

The nature and wildlife photography of award-winning
Dutch photographer Judith Borremans is, in
one word, incredible. The tiny critters look like stuffed animals waiting to be
plucked from their frames and given a good squeeze.

Minute petals and the tiniest of stamens are made to be
stars of the show. Brightly colored hummingbirds diving into the water and
catching meals of minnows seem perfectly frozen in time.

Judith’s love and reverence for nature is apparent in
her work and some of her favorite subjects to shoot include mushrooms,
dragonflies, flowers, and butterflies.

Living in Dordrecht, Holland, there is no shortage of
natural beauty and Judith takes advantage of her surroundings by leading photo
tours, organizing workshops, and writing on her website and various professional
publications online.

work is art and we stan it. We really wish we had more photographers like these
who could inspire us and help us pursue our passion and dreams.

amazing flowers
Source: Justin Minns

The East Anglian landscape photography of Justin Minns
has been extensively published in everything from books and journals to
magazines, textbooks, and even jigsaw puzzles.

Justin’s driving passion is to capture special moments, whether that involves patiently waiting for the last rays of sunlight to scatter over the windswept dunes on a windy beach or encapsulating the bold, fragile beauty of the season’s first poppies as they stand proudly in the golden morning light.

His images are eerie and at times otherworldly, especially his black and white long-exposure shots of beached ships from days gone by. In addition to his landscape photography,

Justin keeps busy by speaking at photographic
societies, running landscape workshops, writing on his blog and website, and
taking part in competitions.

Justin recently had two of his images commended in the
UK’s 2016 Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. Many of Justin’s
prints are available for purchase as fine art prints or canvas wraps in a range
of sizes on his website.

flower photography
Source: Proflowers

All these amazing photographers deserve recognition. We look up to these
people and the work that they do because it really is inspiring.

If you are somebody who has a keen eye for art, then we are sure some of these photographs really inspired you.

If you are a photographer just starting to turn your dreams into reality then we are sure that these photographs inspired you and made you realize that sometimes you just need a spark of that inspiration to keep you going and chase your dreams. Which one of these pictures was that picture for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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