For all
photographers, Myanmar is a photogenic paradise. It treasures some of
less touched wonders in Asia, filled with astonishing landscapes and
exotic beauty that promise awarding photos. These are the top photo shooting sites that you should include in any Myanmar Photo Travel or adventure.

Myanmar Photo Travel – Live Up To The Hype!


Lying by the side of Irrawaddy River, Bagan is a world class destination with over 2,500 pagodas. Temples was built from 11th
century under the reign of king Arthawka. For years, the sunrise from a
balloon baskets have set the iconic image of the area. While floating
on the sky, your camera lens can catch the panorama of the area. When
the fog unmasks the faded temple spires giving a magical color you
should expect.

From different angles of Bagan, you will get endless views towards the historical monuments poke out the trees. Sunset by Irrawaddy River is also a very worth celebrated. Local Myanmar Tour operators now offer extraordinary Bagan photo tour with pre-arranged shoots with monks by temples.

Ubein Bridge

Another hot spot to behold the sundowner in Myanmar. Ubein is the longest teakwood bridge connecting two lake sides of Tamanthaung lake. It spans reflects the reddish sunlight on the water level, giving you an opportunity to challenge your technique of counter-light shooting.  No Myanmar photo tour is complete without a stop by Ubein bridge. Another advantage of Ubein is it links very well with local monasteries in Mandalay.

Nampan village, Inle

Inle draws the attention of all photographers by its unique lake culture. The very first thing you will get surprised is to see how Inthar fishermen use one leg to navigate their wooden boat on the lake. The further you travel into this magnificent land, the more interesting cultural characters you will discover: from floating gardens to traditional workshops. Nam Pan village is a very intrigue place to observe the authenticity of Inle. It is the hub where many works coexists including cigar rolling, boat producing and lotus silk weaving. Spend at least 2 days to uncover the highlights of Inle.

Street Foods and Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

is an ideal choice as an exciting city to commence your photo trip. Its
busy downtown boasts a mixture of Indian, Burmese and Chinese culture
influences. It allows you to photograph the diversity of local life. A
small suggestion for your trip is to pass a random open market in the
morning and join China town in the evening. One
of the must-sees in Yangon is Shwedagon pagoda. This site is best
viewed in the sunset time when thousands of pilgrimages come to pray.
Exposing the local rites and the light is simply brilliant for a
beautiful photo.

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