Amazing Food Photography that Would Leave You Hungry AF

A food photograph by Laura Muthesius
Source: Laura Muthesius

Photographing food is a unique subset of commercial photography, with food photographers often hailing from culinary backgrounds. 

Many food photographers also do double duty as food stylists and even recipe developers, working on cookbooks, collaborating with chefs, and generally getting immersed in the world of food.

Something else that sets food photography apart from many other photographic genres is that images of beautiful food are pretty much always appealing to look at.
Source: Pinterest

Even if you don’t know the story behind the ingredients, the chef who made it, the restaurant that served it, there’s a certain intrinsic delight to be found in images of gorgeous cakes, crumbly cookies, steaming-hot stews, and well-roasted chickens. 

What is better than food? If you are a foodie like me who is pretty broke because the month end then maybe brace yourself for the hunger attack, because this blog would most certainly get you there, but do I regret this? Heck no, this is a perfect place to be, for future reference when I am actually not this broke. 

Here is some amazing (and most certainly mouth-watering) food photography that you just can’t resist. 

A food photograph by Alena Haurylik
Source: Alena Haurylik

Never thought of vegetables to look this appetizing, to be honest. When we say photography is an art, this is what we are talking about. 

This photograph is clicked by Alena Haurylik from Belarus, but currently based in Philadelphia, Alena is a talented food photographer. She has more than 5 years of experience with food photography and styling. 

Her food photography captures amazing natural details of food. Amazing colors. A perfect balance. I just wish they tasted as good as it looks though, but that’s another story. 

A food photograph by Christina Greve
Source: Christina Greve

This photograph grew up on me. The first time I saw it, it strangely attracted me. I mean, yeah it is pretty dark but nostalgia hit me the moment I saw it. This is one of my personal favorites. 

Christina Greve often captures food photography in a dark background setting. Her photos have shallow depths of field and unsaturated colors. 

If you look at her pictures, they might seem cold at a first glance, but they bring comfort and inspire warm hearty memories. See, nostalgia! 

A food photograph of a cake by Caroline from Sugarberry
Source: Caroline from Sugarberry

If this doesn’t make you crave something sweet and dive right in, then you should reconsider calling yourself a foodie. No, honestly, how can it not stir the hunger inside you? 

Caroline is a 23 years old student who started sharing her food photos and got thousands of followers on social media. She is focused on plant-based recipes and smoothie bowls. 

However, her unique food photography style makes her a must-follow inspiration for visual compositions. In Caroline’s work, you will find color palette combinations with natural elements!

A food photograph of two cakes by David Munns
Source: David Munns

Just looking at it makes me wanna bake, but here’s the thing; I am not a baker and that’s a huge drawback here you see. Since I am broke and it’s 12am here, I can’t really get myself cake so here I am day dreaming, looking at all these amazing pictures by these amazing photographers (and cursing my inability to bake)


David’s photos tell stories, inspire your imagination, and make you hungry. You will see images from dramatic food preparation to half-eaten meals. David has already worked with many famous brands, like Nutella and culinary magazines.

A food photograph of an asian noodle bowl by Rachel from two loves studio
Source: Rachel from two loves studio

Bright, colorful and joyful that’s how one might describe Rachel’s food photography. Start checking her Instagram profile and you will be craving a piece of caramelized pecan pie in no time! Rachel also gives online workshops and shares her knowledge of food photography.

A food photograph by Lauren Caris
Source: Lauren Caris

From Switzerland, Lauren is a young and talented food photographer. She owns a website where she teaches tips and techniques of professional food photography. 

Lauren gives advice from shooting on manual mode to food styling and editing. Open her portfolio to discover food photography with a lot of movement, bright colors, and deliciousness! At this point I am just living for it. These people are legit so talented and I just cannot (contain how hungry I am right now)!
Source: Aimee Twigger

The moment I saw this photograph it just reminded me to Hannibal Lecter and I don’t even know why. Maybe because this picture is just so exotic and looks so amazing that I don’t even wanna eat that? 

Aimee is a professional food photographer who cares a lot about food styling. Looking at her pictures is like diving into the unknown corners of food photography. While exploring the dark food photography style, she brings lots of movements and actions to her images. 

Aimee is a published author, blogger, food photographer and traveler (I can surely see why). Based in the United Kingdom, Aimee has already won contests and conducts food photography workshops locally. 

A food photograph by Kayley McCabe
Source: Kayley McCabe

The moment I looked at this picture I started craving juice or smoothie and honestly I am not even a big fan of smoothies. If this isn’t magic I don’t know what is. 

Kayley is a professional food photographer, recipe developer, and a food stylist. Her background in cooking makes her photos appetizing and full of stories. Deeply exploring the moments of preparation and serving! Her work has shadows, crumbles, powders, hands, spoons, and dramatic movements.

A food photograph by Francesco Tonelli
Source: Francesco Tonelli

Just look at that gorgeous topping. My sweet tooth needs to get sink in something right this instant. Amazing color combination and the perfect balance of light and the dark. This is absolutely perfect. 

Francesco is a chef as well as a food photographer. He knows how to apply different styles of food photography to his photography compositions. His portfolio is full of bright and colorful photos as well as dark images. 

A food photograph by Mowie Kay
Source: Mowie Kay

This photography by Mowie Kay just won my heart. This, without a doubt is my favorite picture. 

Mowie is a food and lifestyle photographer (and a super talented one) with thousands of followers (well deserved) on Instagram. He likes to explore the details and textures of the dishes (we sure can see that). From sweet to savory foods, he seems to be addicted to marble and gray backdrops which is his signature style.

Are you an aspiring food photographer? Let us know what picture clicked with you (and made you hungry) in the comments below. 

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