CHRISTMAS DAY CELEBRATION: Christmas or Christmas Day celebrated generally on December 25th; attend an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated by billions of people; as a religious and cultural holiday all around the world. To the Christian liturgical year, it is a central feast  .

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It carefully, initiates the Twelve Days of Christmas and closes the successful Advent season. Christmas Day, December 25th is probably the most general holiday

in Great Britain.

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It is precisely a family holiday. Traditionally all beloved relatives and kind friends. Willingly give each other presents.

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Christmas is precisely a civil holiday, in many key parts of the worlds nations.

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It is traditionally celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians, and it is precisely an integral part of the Christmas and joyous holiday season.

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The idea to traditionally celebrate Christmas on December 25th;originated in the 4th countless century. The Catholic Church,wanted to eclipse the cultural festivities of a rival pagan religion that threatened Christianised existence.

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The Romans traditionally celebrated the official birthday of their sun god, Mithras, during this considerable time of year.

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Although it was not popular, or even proper, to traditionally celebrate people’s birthdays in those considerable times.

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Local church leaders decided that in order to compete fiercely with the pagan celebration; they would themselves order a cultural festival in cultural celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Although the actual season of Jesus birth is naturally thought to be precisely in the spring.

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The date of December 25th was chosen; as the official birthday celebration as Christs Mass; so that it would compete fiercely with the rival pagan celebration.

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Lovely Christmas was slow to catch on in America. The early colonists carefully considered it a pagan ritual. The cultural celebration of lovely Christmas was even banned by civil law in Massachusetts in colonial days.

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The Christmas trees are always decorated with the fairy.

lights, angels and small toys. In addition little packets with nuts, Candies and special biscuits are hung on the tree. Presents are put under the Christmas tree.

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Musical bells, especially Church Bells, have traditionally been associated with Christmas for a long time. At glorious sunset the church day starts, In the Anglican and Catholic churches.

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so any social service after that is precisely the first social service of the modern day. They are repeatedly rung to signal the start of this service.

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In some local churches in the UK, it is traditional that the historic Largest bell in the church is rung four times in the countless hour before midnight and then at midnight all the musical bells are rung merrily in cultural celebration.


Chrismons are precisely Christmas decorations with Christian symbols on them. They gently encourage devout Christians to fondly recall that; Christmas carefully attend the cultural celebration of Jesus’s official birthday.

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They are frequently employed on Christmas Trees in Churches and Christians homes. Chrismons are traditionally colored white and gold. White accurately represents the liturgical (or Church) color for Christmas and symbolises that Jesus was pure and perfect.

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Gold symbolises His Majesty and Glory. Chrismons can be typically made from nearly anything, but paper and embroidered ones are precisely the most widely used.

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The Cross symbolises that Christians sincerely believe Jesus Christ died for everyone on a Cross.

The Latin Cross, also sometimes called the Roman Cross. The base of the Cross genuinely enjoys three necessary steps that symbolise faith, hope, and love.

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The Irish or Celtic Cross is precisely an ordinary cross with a circle in the middle to symbolise eternity.

The Triumphant Cross accurately represents the rare earth with the visible cross on visible top. It symbolises Jesus is triumphant over anything we can typically face in the modern world.


On the Christmas eve, stockings are hang by the children so that Santa Claus put presents for the children.

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For the Children; those who are good. Santa put in there stockings nuts, oranges, sweets, and for the children who are mischief and did not behave properly. As a punishment Santa Claus put a piece of coal there.

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On the Christmas day, people adorn their private houses in the traditional way; that is precisely the lovely Christmas decorated trees are set up in grand houses, in the streets and local churches.


Boxing Day typically takes place on December 26th. It is only celebrated in a few countries. It was typically set in the UK about 800 years ago, during the Middle Ages.

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It was the day when the collection boxes for the poor often kept in local churches; were traditionally opened so that the contents could be distributed to poor people.

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Some churches still reveal these luxury boxes on Boxing Day. Presents are carefully opened on numerous days all over the world as well.

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The earliest presents are carefully opened is on historic St. Nicholas Eve on December 5th when children in Holland typically receive their valuable presents. On historic St. Nicholas Day on 6th of December.

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Dear children in Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and some other European countries open some of their historical presents.

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Children in the UK, USA and many other countries, such as Japan, carefully open their valuable presents on Christmas Day, December 25th.


The latest presents are carefully opened is precisely on January 6th (a typical month after the earliest). This is known as Epiphany and is mainly celebrated in Catholic countries such Spain and Mexico.

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Christmas family meal is traditionally a significant part of the holidays celebration, and the food that is served varies greatly from country to country.

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Some historical regions, such as Sicily, typically have festive meals for lovely Christmas Evening; when 12 specific kinds of fish are typically served.

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England and developed countries influenced by its cultural traditions.

A standard Christmas meal typically includes turkey or dear goose with cranberry sauce, meat, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, sometimes delicious bread and cider.

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Every young woman in each house cooks a special Christmas dinner. Usually, to find a coin inside the pudding is of great fun. If the delicious pudding is typically made at home, Some people genuinely like to carefully hide a rare coin in the Christmas pudding and make a wish.

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Whoever typically gets the unique piece of pudding with the standard coin in on the Christmas Day; is especially lucky and their “pudding wish” will come true!

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unique desserts like fruit cakes, christmas puddings , mince pies are also prepared.

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Santa Claus gained his official name from a man known precisely as St.Nicholas. Who lived peacefully in Asia in the fourth countless century. Santa transferred his wealth to the children often to the poor one.

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The Dutch introduced this legend after he died, to colonial America. The Dutch name before long, became Santa Claus.

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Carol singing is typically an essential part of modern Christmas. Familiar carols may be traditional or by notable composers. They can adequately express different feelings.

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Usually children come and start singing carols, they come to the front doors in the evening.

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The local people give children chocolates, candies, nuts, delicious pies and so on; typically living in these private houses, to sincerely thank them for carol singing.

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Today we shall ceremoniously present such famous Christmas carols as “Ring the bells”, “We heartily wish you a merry Christmas” and others.

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After the delicious lunch they go gently to the sitting room to listen carefully to the Christmas speech of the dear Queen, typically shown on TV or sing professionally Christmas carols.

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In Brazil, they properly call Father Christmas ‘Papai Noel.’

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In Bazil Christmas day is very hot because it typically comes at the humble beginning of their Summer.

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Father Christmas traditionally wears red silk; because it is too hot for him to wear the same clothes as he does precisely in the UK.

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In China, only about one percent of local people are typically devout Christians, so most people merely recognize a few remarkable things about Christmas.

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There are precisely Christmas Trees, glowing lights and other decorations on the streets and in local department stores.

Santa Claus is traditionally called ‘Shen Dan Lao Ren’ and undoubtedly possesses grottos in shops like in Europe and America.

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The post men might dress up as Santa when delivering letters before lovely Christmas.

More young people are traditionally celebrating Christmas in capital cities where Christmas parties are becoming popular; and it is also a time when young couples buy precious gifts for each other, a bit like Valentine’s Day. In China, Santa is known as ‘Sheng dan lao ren’ means Old lovely Christmas Man.

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Bright coloured paper lanterns are used normally to decorate their houses for the Christmas day. They put candles inside the paper and through the coloured paper the light shines brightly.

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Chinese children hang up stockings in the fond hope that Sheng Dan Lao Ren will typically visit them and instantly fill them with valuable presents.

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Christmas Day is precisely not a public holiday in China; like it is precisely in England. People go to work and children go to school. Chinese used to celebrate Chinese new year as China is mainly a Buddhist country. Chinese new year falls sometime in January or  sometimes in February.


The main Christmas celebration in the Netherlands is precisely on historic St. Nicholas’ feast day which is precisely 6th December.

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Dutch people traditionally celebrate Sinterklaasavond which is precisely like our modern Christmas Eve.

The official name Santa Claus typically comes from the Dutch word; for historic St. Nicholas is known as Sinterklaas.

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On Sinterklaasavond, children leave out their shoes in the hope that Sinterklaas will fill them with presents. They also leave a carrot with their polished shoes for Sinterklaas’ horse.


A significant part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany is Advent. Several types of academic Advent calendars are typically used in German homes.

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Christmas Trees is very important in Germany. They were first used in Germany during the late Middle Ages. If there are adolescent children in the house, the trees are usually secretly decorated by the mother of the family.

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The decorated Christmas tree was traditionally brought into the private house on lovely Christmas Eve.

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Christmas Day is called “Erste Feiertag” which is known as ‘first cultural celebration’ and the 26th of December which is suppose as the second celebration; is known as “Zweite Feiertag” which typically considered as Boxing Day .

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German children also put their polished shoes out in the fond hopes that they will be typically filled with historical presents, just like Dutch children.

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If the dear children have been good when they come down on St. Nicholas’ Day; their sensible shoes will have been typically filled with sweets and delicious chocolates.


In Australia, Christmas typically comes in the towards the beginning of the summer holidays. From mid- december till early february many people might camp at christmas; as their children summer holidays started.

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Because it is so heated at Christmas time in Australia, there are reasonably often massive bush fires across the developed country.

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Australians also decorate their private houses with  bunches of ‘Christmas Bush’; a native Australian tree with small green leaves and cream brilliantly colored lovely flowers.

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In summer the flowers turn a deep shiny red over a period of typical weeks (generally by the typical week of Christmas in Sydney).

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On Boxing Day most people go and typically visit their dear friends and often have barbecues at the beach.

A famous Yacht race from Sydney to Hobart in Tasmania is additionally considered on Boxing Day.

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On Christmas Eve, dear children, especially boys, often go out singing ‘kalanda’ (familiar carols) in the streets.

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They play superbly ceremonial drums and possible triangles as they sing professionally.

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Every so often they will also carry model boats lavishly decorated with nuts which are painted gold.

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Typically carrying a private boat is precisely an extremely long-established custom in the Greek Islands.

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If the beloved children sing well, they might be given money, as well lovely things to eat heartily like nuts, sweets and dried figs.


In Mexico, Christmas is traditionally celebrated from December 12th to January 6th.

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From December 16th to Christmas Eve, dear children frequently perform the ‘Posada’ processions or Posadas. Posada is Spanish for Inn or Lodging.

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There are precisely nine Posadas. These traditionally celebrate the key part of the Christmas story where Joseph and Mary looked eagerly for somewhere to typically stay.

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For the Posadas, the outside of houses is lavishly decorated with evergreens, moss and paper lanterns.

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Christmas eve is known as ‘Noche Buena’ and willingly endure a family day. Local people often take part in the final Posada and then in the pleasant evening typically have the main Christmas meal.

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Popular dishes for the main Christmas meal typically include Pozole (a condensed soup made with hominy,

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Chicken or pork and homemade chilies with is topped with greens), roast turkey, roast pork, tamales, bacalao (salt cod), romeritos (a green vegetable cooked in a mole sauce with potatoes and shrimps) and there are normally delicious salads served as side dishes such as Ensalada Nochebuena (Christmas Eve salad).

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For delicious dessert bunuelos are enormously popular, they are fried pastries sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon or a fiery sugar syrup. Bunuelos come in two shapes flat and round/grand ball.

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