These Adorable Pictures of Celebrities with Their Pets Will Bless Your Existence

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Pets light up all of our lives and make us happy, Bollywood celebrities are not that far from feeling the love with their pets than us.

From constant Instagram updates to Tweets to Facebook posts, to volunteering at animal shelters and adopting stray animals, they make sure we know how much they love their pets and we wait adherently for their updates

Here are some of the celebrities with their adorable pets:

Anushka Sharma:

Anushka sharma with her dog
Source: Instagram

Anushka Sharma has a pet Labrador that she has named Dude Sharma, the internet went insane when she posted a video on her Instagram of her singing a song in front of Dude Sharma and he started to lick her face.

She shares constant photographs and videos of her Labrador and apart from that, she is a huge animal lover. Last Diwali she insisted her fans go cracker free and celebrate a “PAWsitive festival.”

John Abraham:

john abraham with his dog
Source: Hindustan Times

John Abraham is another one of Bollywood’s animal loving actors, he has always urged people to adopt stray animals and he practices what he preaches, he adopted a stray dog that he named Bailey Abraham.

Bailey has an Instagram and has more than ten thousand followers, she is no less than a celebrity herself. Other than that, John also has another dog, Sia, who is Bailey’s daughter.

Priyanka Chopra:

priyanka chopra with her dog
Source: Instagram

Priyanka Chopra very publicly displays her love for her dog Diana Chopra and even has an Instagram account of her that is named @diariesofdiana, Priyanka includes her dog in everything, she even made a guest appearance in the new video by Jonas Brother for their comeback song called “Sucker.”

Diana’s Instagram has more than fifty thousand followers and Priyanka’s love for her dog is not just limited to Instagram posts, she accompanies her dog whenever she can, she takes her out for walks and Diana even accompanies Priyanka on sets for her movies.

Alia Bhatt:

Aliya bhatt with her white kitty
Source: Instagram

On her 24th birthday, Alia Bhatt gifted herself an adorable white kitten that she loves and adores and always posts pictures of. She has even done multiple photoshoots with her cat that she has named Edward Bhatt. It even has its own twitter page which we think is super adorable.  

Other than that, Alia is a big animal lover and says that she prefers animals over people and we do not disagree with her.

Jacqueline Fernandes:

jackqueline fernandes with her cat
Source: Instagram

If you follow Jacqueline on Instagram, you would know that she is a big animal enthusiast.

She has multiple cats, dogs and fishes at her house in Sri Lanka but also has a pet Persian Cat that she calls Miu Miu to keep her company in Mumbai.

Jacqueline says that animals teach her how to be compassionate and kind and we 100% agree with her.

Sidharth Malhotra:

Source: Instagram

The love Sidharth has for animals is well known, he has a dog called Boxer that he posts about all over Instagram, not only that, Boxer and Sidharth have promoted a film together and they have also shot campaigns about Animal Welfare and the betterment of Animal Lives.

MS Dhoni:

ms dhoni with his dog
Source: Redoffmail

India’s favorite cricket player calls himself a huge pet lover, he has adopted many pets.

He recently adopted a stray puppy from an animal shelter which added to his collection of pets that are, A German Shepherd called Sara, A Labrador called Zara and a Weimaraner called Zoya.

Amitabh Bachan:

Amitabh bachan with his dog

Amitabh Bachan has a pet Piranha Dane whom he has named Shanouk, Amitabh loves spending time with Shanouk and utilizes all of his free time with him.

Salman Khan:

salman khan with his two dogs
Source: Pinterest

Salman Khan is a known animal lover and has many dogs, that are, two French Mastiffs that he named Myjaan and Myson.

He has a Labrador retriever called Mowgli, a Saint Bernand called Saint, a Napoleon Mastiff called Mylove and another French Mastiff called Veer.

Shahrukh Khan:

shahrukh khans big dog
Source: Twitter

Shahrukh Khan also has a number of dogs, he says that his dogs can sense when he is sad or not feeling very lively and comfort him, his dogs are comforting for him and he loves having them around.

His pets include, lapdog of Japenese Breed named Dash, A Labrador called Hulk and two Maltese called Juicy and Kai.

Hrithik Roshan:

hrithik roshan with dog
Source: Times of India

Hrithik Roshan used to have a pet dog that was named Puggy, he passed away a couple years back and Hrithik says that he misses him to this day.

Ajay Devgan:

ajay devgan with dogs
Source: Times of India

Ajay Devgan has two pet German Shepherds that are named Koko and Koki.

He says that he likes being around his dogs while he is reading his morning newspaper.

Imran Khan:

Imran khan with his dog
Source: PETA India

Imran Khan has two pet dogs named Tony and Kajri. He is a big animal enthusiast and says that his dogs have changed his life and that we can change a pet’s life by adopting them.

He encourages people to adopt animals and give them good homes.

Varun Dhawan:

Source: Pinterest

Varun Dhawan has a little pet beagle named Angel.

Sonam Kapoor:

Source: Wonderful Mumbai

Sonam is a true dog lover, she has numerous amounts of dogs that she loves and takes care of all by herself.

All the pictures that she posts with her dogs, she always has a huge smile plastered on her face, she is a true animal lover and is always happy around her pets.

Sunny Leone:

Source: India TV

Sunny Leone has adopted two adorable stray dogs, she loves being around them and they make her very happy.

Shilpa Shetty:

Source: Dogspot

Shilpa Shetty has adorable Pekingese dog named Champagne and two lovely Persian cats.

Shahid Kapoor:

Source: Bollywood Bubble

Shahid Kapoor had a pet dog named Kaizer that passed away and Shahid was in mourning and extremely upset about the passing of his beloved pet, he also has a Labrador named Spine.

Having pets generally lights up your life and the atmosphere around you, they make you a better person and giving them a home is the most you can do to help better the life of an animal.

Take our beloved Bollywood celebrities as an example, we urge you to adopt pets and give them loving home. Let us know in the comments below that what would it be.

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